5 yr old JB !   

jinyoung the prankster (x)

He just wanted some attention from his JB hyung.

i vow to always love you

It’s a minor thing but the first question is something I’ve been curious about. When you introduce the team, you say “Come and get it, GOT7”. How was this decided?
Yugyeom We wondered together, ‘What should we do? What do we do?’ before coming up with it.
Jr. There were a lot of ideas and…

I need more moments of them together.

[4/8] the importance of im jaebum 

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Jaebum singing in English (˘◡˘●)


JB dancing for the fans…happy bum….:)

140725 GOT7 Fansign 신촌 팬 싸인회




To me he will always be my best friend. Forever best friend, B to the AM, BamBam. We have known each other for more than 4 years. At first we always argued and I disliked you. And we don’t understand each other. As time goes by, we became friends who can talk about anything. We prepared for a lot of showcases together too. We are always together. I’m thankful to God for allowing me to have a good friend like you. Thank you. Let’s continue to be good friends. +

Maknae line. 

lol Khun.

inspired by (x) ♥

lol too cute, I can see this happening for real. 

Jr. ask  JB to dance and then get’s a chest bump, Why?


jinyoung tried to prank jb but failed oops



jinyoung tried to prank jb but failed oops


JB just casually doing splits all day errday

JB splits/.