eldest & maknae ♥

So freaking cute.

Youngae awkwardness so enduring. 


Scrubs, teaching white people life lessons

just like a lost puppy

Yugyeom so adorable too. 


Jackson letting it out all at once (⌒▽⌒)

lol Jackson.

25/ miss a beautiful bodyporn because the gods demand it.




JB took off his shirt

In front of Jr. XD

taec does the ALS ice bucket challenge w/ the help of his OKcat

pranking got7

Please Jr. and JB. XD

Someone likes the attention very much and he’s not really trying to disguise that rather evident fact..♥

JB face cause of Jr. touching him. lol

19/ edits of im jaebum

smiley jaebum compilation 


BamBam and his mum awwwww! Mark and Jackson hugged her too! so sweet!