JJ Project.

jinyoung // how to avoid the sun

YAS Jr. 

Humble JYP Nation

Very Humble

Jr. letter to JB  ♥

JJ Project. <3

got7 - win: who is next → now

how to make an entrance: markson style

Markson (sigh)  butt really Jackson, ROLLING?????


talk shit get ….. shot (?) 

JB is tired of your shit, Jr.

He still got off easy compared to Jackson. XD

Jinyoung getting destroyed by a professional hockey player

At least you didn’t fall over like the others. XD

2pm’s friendship level = catching each other’s lice like monkeys

That’s love.

GOT7 JB and Jr. trying to get Sohee noona’s attention.

This performance was so cute.

[/7] GOT7 dicitionary: #6monthswithGOT7Thank you for existing.

smh. lol

Jinyoung, be careful... (*≧▽≦) 

Jr. getting caught trolling JB. XD


kkap siblings taught them well, say hi to ‘kkap7

In one day they were corrupted.